Fact Sheet – The Truth About Suzie

Title: The Truth About Suzie
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Author: Erica Rimlinger
Authors Website: https://ericarimlinger.com
Length: 350 pages (95,000 words)
Publisher: Sylvia Jaye, LLC
ISBN: 978-0990828808 (Paperback format published October 21, 2014)
ASIN: B00OKZVEH4 (Kindle format published October 15, 2014)
Book Link: http://thetruthaboutsuzie.com

Brief summary of book:
Childhood neighbors Suzie and Cecily lost touch when Suzie moved away after fifth grade. Through social media, they rekindle their offbeat friendship when they find they are simultaneously fighting breast cancer. But Cecily has just learned from a reality television show that Suzie has died—of complications due to alcohol and drug abuse. Did Suzie really have cancer at all? Or was she, as the Dr. Dick show makes it appear, a compulsive liar and an alcoholic living in denial to the end?

Cecily drops everything to retrace the threads that held them together and—with the help of a drag queen, a womanizing rock star, and some feisty cancer patients—find the truth about her friend Suzie.

This poignant and funny story unfolds through Facebook updates, emails and prose. Technology is both a storytelling device and an accomplice, facilitating the relationships and complicating them.

The Truth About Suzie is inspired by real events in the author’s life.

Brief author bio:
A Towson native and resident, Erica Rimlinger began her writing career as a journalist in Washington, DC. Now a freelance writer, she has recently conquered breast cancer (twice!) while continuing to teach Zumba, BodyStep, and BodyPump in an assortment of crazy wigs. Erica lives in Baltimore, MD, with her husband and son.

Early reviews on Amazon and Goodreads:
“I love this book! It’s both funny and poignant, and it’s a quick, light read. That may sound surprising given the fact that the main character is battling breast cancer, but the book definitely gives you permission to laugh through sadness. More than just a story about a woman with breast cancer, The Truth About Suzie is an intriguing exploration of friendship in the age of social media and — even more interesting to me — tackles the idea of reconciling what a relationship means to you and what value it holds if and when you find out the person isn’t exactly what you thought, and that they’re not perfect. Also, if you’re in a book club, this is a great book for discussion on many different levels.”

“I had a hard time putting this book down. If I’d had the time to read it straight through, I would have, each tantalizing page bringing me closer to The Truth About Suzie. Most of the novel is written in an epistolary format that gives the reader a sense of intimacy with the people who populate its pages; reading the back-and-forth volleys of smart, witty emails reveals each character in a way that feels immediate and real. The juxtaposition of Cecily’s public FaceBook posts with her private emails with the quixotic Suzie provides a glimpse into the reality of women fighting breast cancer. We see their myriad daily struggles and the strength and understanding they can gain only from sharing with those who have walked the same battlefield. Erica Rimlinger’s debut novel tells a compelling story about the power of relationships, both “real” and virtual, in the digital age. It’s a pleasure to follow Cecily on her quest and to be there when she discovers not only The Truth About Suzie, but also the truth about herself.”

“The Truth About Suzie is a compelling read that has you flipping pages to find out what’s going to happen next. It’s [MTV’s] Catfish meets cancer, with a sweet, heart-warming love story woven in. The last book I read that had me staying up late and held the same level of everything else can wait, just one more chapter, compulsion was Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Ms. Rimlinger has been added to my favorite new author’s list and I hope that she continues to write and share her stories with us.”
“I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Thanks to the voy[eu]ristic nature of Facebook and their email conversations, Cecily and Suzie became so much more real. I couldn’t wait to find the Truth about Suzie and how or if it would help Cecily continue her battle and find her own strength, her inner “rebel.” I’m looking forward to reading future works from this impressive first time author!”