Flamingo-Free in 2014

Happy new year! Did you make resolutions? I did not. The calendar is a useful construct, but I made all the resolutions I needed when my cancer came back. That day in early June forced me to look my mortality in the eye and make some big decisions. The calendar can say whatever it wants: it’s not … [Read more...]

Lord of the Flies Yoga

I did not attend my regular Tuesday morning yoga class at Hopewell Cancer Center intending to disrupt class. When I go, I lurk in the back. I’m there to learn presence and stillness in a world, a situation, I can’t control. I’m also there to be around other people like me, people who are bald and … [Read more...]


I am not a superstitious person. I experimented with superstition as a child. I had voodoo dolls, lucky rabbit feet, and all manner of charms and talismans. My mom says I was less superstitious than I was simply a hoarder of tiny crystal figurines that required dusting on a weekly basis. But my … [Read more...]

Pot Brownies

Aside from the rapid-succession shocks of: 1)      being diagnosed with breast cancer, 2)      twice, 3)      in two years, 4)      before age forty, I don’t think anything surprised me more than the sheer number of suburban-mom friends who offered me marijuana for my chemo … [Read more...]